Featured Projects
  • New Doha International Airport

The New Doha International Airport Project (NDIA) consists of the construction of a new high tech facility to act as a hub for Trans Continental flights, built specifically to rival other local Airports such as Dubai for both passengers and freight.

The NDIA is built on land reclaimed from the Gulf by means of hydraulic fill reclamation techniques.

The entire development comprises the construction of over 50 separate individual buildings which when combined with new infrastructure and a road and bridge network make up the new facility.

Originally planned for completion in 2009, the project construction period has now been extended by approximately 2 years, as a result of the government’s instruction to build all three phases of the project simultaneously after the initial release of phase one development works only.

NDIA Contractors Works Package (CP20)

Gulf Housing & Construction have been appointed as works contractor for CP 20, the construction of two separate buildings, the Airline Engineering Offices (AEO).

Physical works commenced in January 2006 on the AEO, at present works have progressed to approx. 50% stage on the AEO building, this building was originally planned for completion in May 08, however, it has been subject to extensive changes, resulting from the governments decision to build all three phases of the NDIA concurrently. The anticipated completion date for the AEO building is Jan 09.  Design works have recently recommenced in Jan 08 after a 15 months period of suspension for the AOF building which has also increased in size three fold.