Annual Quality Day 17th Nov'2011


On November 17th, 2011 Gulf Contracting (GCC) organized their 4th Annual Quality Day. The idea of the celebration was to provide quality awareness to GCC personnel as well as Sub Contractors / Suppliers.

We believe through quality, we can achieve business excellence, continual improvement and improve value to customers and stakeholders by meeting their needs. Quality is vital for improving profitability, reduce risks, motivate employees to become committed to quality and ensure corporate care and responsibility.

The theme of the Quality week was “In Pursuit of Excellence” which was derived from our company’s motto of “We take pride in our work”.

Quality Week events included Toolbox Talk on the “Importance of Quality”, quizzes and a crossword competition.

In the afternoon, the 4th GCC Annual Business Excellence Awards was distributed to Operations and Services by GCC General Manager Mr. John Kennedy. All the Senior Management and Staff participated in the event.