Gulf Contracting Is Making the Desert a Greener Place


Gulf Contracting, Interserve’s building partner in Qatar, is proud to be part of The Vertical Garden project for client Karolina Konofalski and the Green Division of Aster International Projects.

The Vertical Garden the first of its kind in Qatar and involves several different types of construction. The unique installation covers a wall space of 7m x 2.5m, requires no soil and features a bespoke automatic irrigation system. This ‘art in architecture’ project, designed by UK architecture firm Hoca Practice, enhances the buildings where it’s installed, and acts as an extension of the existing architecture.

The garden features an astonishing 3,000 plants with 52 different varieties. Its benefits are that it helps to clean the air around it by absorbing CO2 and helps develop the biodiversity of Qatar – within hours of its installation, birds and butterflies were making their home in the vertical garden.

Vertical gardens are suitable for indoor and outdoor uses. Indoors, it brings a more natural environment to the stifling, over-air conditioned spaces we often experience in Qatar. Both indoor and outdoor uses encourage a sense of well-being and a more natural environment.

Karolina is hoping that the Vertical Garden will inspire other residents and businesses to use the system, helping to beautify the region. Smiling happily, she says, “I would like to ‘green’ Qatar!”

With GCC’s commitment to sustainability and the environment, we look forward to achieving Karolina’s goal with more future projects.